High five!

I'm Skye the Springer Spaniel

An illustration of a friendly-looking Skye

I live in Islandmagee with its beautiful coastline and home of The Gobbins cliff
path walk as my playground. Would you like to share in my adventures and
stories? Then welcome to my world in pictures and prose!

Skye's Waggy Tales

…is friendship in a book. Oh, by the way, my books are narrated by my people friend Hilary with illustrations by Louis Humphrey. See them in the video below!

Illustration of Skye with Beau

Skye & Friends Pics (More Here!)

People Just Love My Stories!

Your Skye books are charming and should appeal to a wide range of children (2-12 years?). The illustrations are attractive and engaging and could form the basis for much discussion, especially with the very young. The story contents and situations are well related to a child’s view of the world. Well done Hilary. Keep going.

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